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JOMO! Do Something Different this New Year!

Have you heard of JOMO? The Joy of Missing Out! No longer do we need to feel the uncomfortable unease of FOMO – time to embrace those nights when you do your own thing, so when it comes to New Year it’s time to change your perspective! Let’s face it – all that pressure, all the hype, all the extra cost – New Year’s Eve can be at best an anti-climax – at worst a disaster. Town is too busy, […]

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Coming Soon…

You may have noticed a few changes, a funky new logo, shiny new website – we’re having a bit of a make-over online and off. Our secret library room will be new and improved very soon, and like a Russian Doll it will have another surprise inside!   You know we love a riddle – so here’a clue, what do George Clooney, worms and limes have in common? And a hideaway that rhymes with Barbie’s boyfriend? Can you guess what […]

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