Author: Alex Ruczaj

JOMO! Do Something Different this New Year!

Have you heard of JOMO? The Joy of Missing Out! No longer do we need to feel the uncomfortable unease of FOMO – time to embrace those nights when you do your own thing, so when it comes to New Year it’s time to change your perspective! Let’s face it – all that pressure, all the hype, all the extra cost – New Year’s Eve can be at best an anti-climax – at worst a disaster. Town is too busy, […]

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Coming Soon…

You may have noticed a few changes, a funky new logo, shiny new website – we’re having a bit of a make-over online and off. Our secret library room will be new and improved very soon, and like a Russian Doll it will have another surprise inside!   You know we love a riddle – so here’a clue, what do George Clooney, worms and limes have in common? And a hideaway that rhymes with Barbie’s boyfriend? Can you guess what […]

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